R&D+i in bioactive Micro & Nano encapsulated

We work in the customized development of a great variety of microparticulate systems for application in the nutraceutical industry, with a special focus on the entrance into the nutritional supplements market.

The microencapsulation of a wide range of active principles is possible, preserving their therapeutical benefits as well as the organoleptic properties of the food products that might contain them.

Examples of active principles that might be microencapsulated:
Oil rich in Omega-3

Micro and Nanotechnology

Our state-of- the-art Micro & Nanotechnology platform mobilizes a wide range of active agents in polymer matrix particles. This propietary platform meets ISO 14644 requirements. It allows us to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for development and production of polymeric particulate systems which are capable of handling and delivering a wide variety of active principles. We are expanding our equipment with the construction of a clean room that will house the platform for obtaining polymer particles.