Water Treatment


Anti-scaling and anti-corrosive: chemically maintains boiler water within adequate values, leaving the heat-exchange area free from scale and corrosive agents.

Anti-corrosive Film-Forming Amines: ducts waterproofing with mono-cellular film that does not affect heat exchange. Especially designed for food industries.

Anti-boiling: inhibitor of foam and turbulent boiling, avoids water sweeping into steam lines and level fluctuations.

Water treatments for shut down boilers (oxygen scavenger agents)

Quick organic and inorganic anti-scaling for steam or water circuits. It does not attack metals of the facilities.

Anti-scaling and anti-corrosive: inhibits scale deposits, preserves thermal conductivity of cooling pipes.

Algicide and biocidal: inhibits development of vegetable plankton. Avoids plugging due to decomposed organic matter in pipes and pumps.